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This Privacy Policy provides information about how PESCHECK® deals with your personal data, within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR'). PESCHECK® is a trading name of the private company PESCHECK B.V., Rigtersbleek-Zandvoort 10-1.07, 7521 BE, Enschede, Chamber of Commerce 70886393 in the Netherlands ('PESCHECK®'). The Ministry of Security and Justice, together with the State Secretary for Security and Justice, has issued a permit for performing background screening activities, including special personal details, under POB # 1551.

Why does PESCHECK® process personal data?

For example, when PESCHECK® performs a background screening, pre- / in employment screening or KYC ('Order') at the request of yourself, for yourself, PESCHECK® processes your personal data and PESCHECK® can be regarded as the controller. In this case, your (future) employer, a temporary employment- or secondment organization, an employment agency or another organization in a broad sense requests PESCHECK® for an Order. PESCHECK® can be regarded as a processor and PESCHECK® processes your personal data for the purposes of this Order.

For what purposes and on what legal basis does PESCHECK® process personal data?

PESCHECK® processes personal data for the purpose of handling your Order when you request it. This processing takes place on the basis of your permission/request. You can withdraw your Order until the Order has been carried out. Please note: the withdrawal of your Order does not affect the legality of the processing based on your permission before the withdrawal.

In the case when your (future) employer, temporary employment- or secondment organization, employment agency or organization in a broad sense instructs PESCHECK® to execute an Order, PESCHECK® processes your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling this Order. In that context, the processing of your personal data is based on the legal basis and the representation of the legitimate interests of a third party, namely your (future) employer, temporary employment- or secondment organization, employment agency or an organization in a broad sense. The legitimate interest of these third parties is to be able to assess the integrity of the screened person through the results of the screening.

In addition, PESCHECK® processes personal data for the purpose of keeping them available for subsequent screening, so that you do not have to go through the entire screening procedure again.

Which personal data does PESCHECK® process?

PESCHECK® processes the following personal data when performing the Order for KYC, depending on how you or your (future) employer, temporary employment- or secondment organization, employment agency or organization, if applicable, compiles the screening in a broad sense:

Personal information: name, email address, date of birth, country location and birth country.

Identity information: Verification and copy of the identity document/drivers licence, Machine-readable zone of the passport/another identity document (MRZ), Citizen service number, passport number/ID-card number, validity period, identity document, nationality passport, date of birth and registration address;

Information concerning appearance in online sources: among which including profiles of the person concerned on World Check, Ofac, Sanctions on 600+ national and international recourses, including PEP’s and Adv. Media, such as messages from or about the person concerned on diverse media and activity of the person concerned on international search lists, blogs and forums.

Who has access to my data?

The employees of PESCHECK®. For this PESCHECK® formulates clear work instructions for its employees. In addition, access to the personal data is limited to employees who must actually have access to the personal data in the context of taking care of the Order. To perform specific parts of the screening or verification, PESCHECK shares the personal data required for this with sub-processors. PESCHECK® has concluded a so-called processing agreement with these parties. After completing an Order, PESCHECK® informs all parties with the verdict of the screening.

How long will my data be stored?

All personal data will be deleted or made anonymous after 12 months at the latest unless the client can demonstrate that a longer retention period is justified (for example, in connection with a legal obligation). Deviation: All personal data that is processed by us as being the Processor responsible under the KYC services will be deleted or anonymized within ten (10) days after the applicant has submitted a request. Do you want to delete/anonymize your data earlier? Please contact us at:

Your rights with regard to your personal data

You have the right to submit a written request to PESCHECK® to see which personal data is processed by PESCHECK®. If you believe that your personal data is incomplete or no longer complete, you can submit a request to supplement, correct, rectify or delete your personal data, or submit a request to limit personal data processing. In addition, you have the right to transfer your personal data or have it transferred to a third party. Moreover, we would like to expressly point out your right to object to the processing of your personal data by PESCHECK®.PESCHECK® will grant such requests as quickly as possible or provide you with a motivated explanation as to why your request cannot (yet) be executed. You can send your request in writing to PESCHECK®. When you submit a request, PESCHECK® may request additional information to establish your identity. All our sub-contractors are GDPR proof and delete your personal details automatically within 8 days at the latest.

Change of the Privacy and cookie statement

PESCHECK® can change this Privacy Policy. PESCHECK® does this, for example, if the law or our policy changes. PESCHECK®, therefore, recommends that you regularly review the Privacy Policy when you visit the website. The last change was on [14/10/2019]

Questions and complaints

If you have questions and/or complaints about the Privacy Policy of PESCHECK® or the way PESCHECK® processes your personal data, you can contact us. The PESCHECK contact details can be found below.

If you believe that PESCHECK® processes your personal data in an improper or unlawful manner and PESCHECK® does not respond to your objection or request, you can also submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Contact details PESCHECK®

Rigtersbleek-Zandvoort 10 - 1.07

7521 BE Enschede (The Netherlands)

+31 85 – 060 8999

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 70889363

Identity and contact details PESCHECK® data protection officer

Aron Aksan

+31 85 – 060 8999