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Since early 2013, the banking industry has taken the initiative to implement an ethics statement. The banks intend this to show that everyone working in the industry is bound by the codes of conduct attaching to this statement for the ethical and careful practice of his/her profession. Employees have personal responsibility for complying with those codes of conduct and can be held accountable for non-compliance.

Policymakers and supervisors of financial institutions have by law had to sign this ethics statement, now better known as the bankers’ oath. The initiative to have all bank employees take the oath will be a significant tool in creating the new culture wanted in the banking industry.

Along with this in mind PESCHECK® the Background Screening company created the bankers' oath in an efficient way. Free to use for indivudals and for a small price for organisations and enteprises. Why? Just because we prefer to help our clients by law-/regulation created processes which are outdated.

Digitalization of each oath process within your organization

Our solutions are fully tested and backed with bank level security and software partners

Fully complies with General Data Protection Regulation

Save time for each oath taken.

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As notary, advocate or bank, save time and money for each oath to be taken! This is also a playful way to share your personal oath/goals with your friends or family, for free!


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Record your word / oath
Share with your friends, family and business relations
Your oath available for 30 days
Full GDPR proof
Starting from € 49/mo

SME / Enterprise

Implement the oath process during onboarding
Complies fully with GDPR
Company landingspage
Secure storage - own S3 bucket
Full or auto control over recordings

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